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   WHO AM I?   

Hey, I'm Meagan Brauer!

Born & Raised in New York City, I started PopUp New York to share what I find inside and around the greatest city of all.

PopUp New York has been going strong for 8 years now and focuses on unique places and events that aren’t only “family friendly” but also interesting and easy on the wallet.

Since tourism is such a huge aspect of New York, sometimes it can be overwhelming and stressful to go and visit the main attractions in the city. Most people only think of Manhattan when they picture New York, or they don't want to hop on a train or ferry to leave the island. There are so many great things all over these 5 boroughs that are overlooked by tourists and native New Yorkers alike! So, I decided to share the most interesting and accessible secret “nooks and crannies” my city has to offer.


So where else in the world is the best place to PopUp and see these sights?

PopUp NewYork, of course!

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